If it is a Special Celebration…..it’s a Bear Occasion

Soft toys are with us from birth. We all have our favourite soft toy memory………(and some of us still have our favourite soft toy!!)
Of all the soft toys and collectables which win our affections, the teddy bear takes pride of place. There is something in the innocence of the Teddy Bear that stirs our childhood emotions. So, what better choice to convey your love and to celebrate a very special occasion in the life of your close family or friends?
At bearoccasions.com, we provide personalised teddy bear gifts with an embroidered personal message on the garment in which the bear is clad. The process is simple and the options cover all key special occasions. All you have to do is provide the key details to be embroidered onto the bear’s clothing and a short personal message which we will print on the cotton gift bag. You are only a few clicks away from sending out a special gift to someone you love that will be a treasured memory for many years to come.

Personalised bag

No matter what the occasion (Christmas, Driving test pass, Graduation, Engagement, Wedding, New Baby, New Home, Special Anniversary, School Leaver, etc, etc,) we are confident that your chosen recipient will treasure this personalised gift.
….and it gives us great satisfaction and pleasure to know that every one of our personalised teddy bears will receive a warm welcome to their new home.
Finally, if you require personalised teddy bears for group events like corporate occasions or end of school year gifts, then we will be happy to provide you with a quote.